Content Assist / Code Completion problem with Eclipse and Netbeans

I’ve had the weirdest problem the other day. It was the first time I went back to using our DELL E1405 after being very comfortable with my company issued D620 (which I now had to surrender to my former employer). Everything was working well until I noticed a simple but very annoying problem:

CTRL+SPACE for Eclipse was not working!

I tried playing with the configuration, resetting everything to defaults, removing the plugins one by one. Nothing seemed to work. I tried a fresh copy and even got to the point of installing Netbeans. And guess what, CTRL+SPACE did not work for Netbeans either!

Which lead me to the conclusion that there must be something else causing the problem. I tried killing all the unnecessary processes one by one and got to the bottom of the problem.

It was the Logitech Quickcam v10 application. Unfortunately, I didn’t have internet connection at home which explains why I had to figure out the problem all by myself.

I tried searching the net when I got to the office and saw some posts that v11 of the application already fixes the problem.

What a relief!



  1. Thanks a bunch for figuring that out!

    Was pulling my hair out over this simple issue =P

  2. eloevlie said

    My God! That is the worst bug I have heard of in quite some time, good working figuring it out. Saved me some time there.

  3. Here is the solution: :)
    Go to:
    Preferences>Java>Editor>Content Assist>Advanced and set the flag to “Type Proposals” too. This works fine for me. May be it will help you too.
    Make sure “Other Java Proposals” is also ticked.
    Ali Vajahat
    Software Engineer,
    Lahore Pakistan

  4. Michael said

    Thx Vajahat

  5. Nicolae Tufar said

    Man, I owe you huge for saving me from going completely insane.
    This is the absolutely weirdest thing that happened to me in my whole career. Who could have imagined.. Logitech Camera.

  6. Matt said

    Thanks. You’re a lifesaver Vajahat.

  7. Rohan said

    Thank You Vajahat.

  8. […] they persist Documents as You Go has some interesting insight in Logitech Quickcam V10 application […]

  9. Kashka said

    Vajahat you are my hero :)

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