Java JDK/JRE Downloads for Mac

Did you know that you cannot download a JDK or JRE for Mac from Sun’s website?

Well I didn’t.

This is because “Mac OS X is the only major consumer operating system that comes complete with a fully configured and ready-to-use Java runtime and development environment”. Taken from:

To download/update Java for different versions of Mac OS X you will need to go to Apple’s Developer Connection site for Java.

(I need to install JDK 6 because of the new Java Desktop Features I’m using in my application)

Now, all I need is to figure out the Mac OS X version of my target users and I’m good to go.

Well that didn’t sound so easy to do.



  1. […] Java JDK/JRE Downloads for Mac […]

  2. dayg said

    Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 adds support for Java SE 6

    However, “This release is for 64-bit Intel-based Macs only and cannot run on PowerPC-based or 32-bit Intel-based Macs.”

  3. man-on-the-moon said

    I found this out a few months ago and was very unhappy. I’m on iBook G4 (10.2) right now, and I’m not very happy with Mac. (Especially because this is a PPC)

  4. Allan Tan said

    There are some positive points for using Mac for Java development as well… check out my post here.

  5. turbotad said

    Has anyone at all figured out how to get JDK6 running on a PowerPC Mac? I have a PowerBook G4 and need to run JDK6 on it — 1.5.11 just will not cut it.

  6. Andrew Ihegbu said

    Mac users seem to be really positive about everything, but its a sad day when Java SE 6.4 completely changes the file structure of the Java environment, breaking compatibility with tons of apps, then Apple have the audacity to tell the installer to delete all previous versions (from 1.3 upwards) of Java when installing despite the fact they already designed OSX to store multiple versions FOR COMPATIBILITY.

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