Surf anywhere with your Laptop and Smart 3G


  1. 3G Capable Phone
  2. Computer (Laptop/Desktop)
  3. SMART Buddy Sim

The following steps are specific to our setup. We used an LG KU250 Phone and a Windows XP OS. Installation procedures will depend on the model of your phone and operating system.


  1. Enable Phone 3G Settings (Text “SET KU250” to 211)
  2. Install and Run LG PC Suite
  3. Connect your Phone (USB/Bluetooth) to your computer
  4. LG Connection

  5. Click LG Internet Kit Icon [Under Communication Group]
  6. Create a Profile
  7. SMART 3G Profile

  8. Click Connect
  9. LG Connect


From San Juan / QC Area (Strong 3G signal):

From a small town in Bulacan (no 3G signal detected):


  • File Upload
  • Email Attachments
  • Yahoo! Messenger Voice

I’ll keep you posted on my findings. Happy surfing!



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  2. hikmat said

    Would you help me? Why my PC cannot display list of massage in myphone

  3. roland said


    Currently i’m using a globe sim, kasi wala 3G sa aming area.
    My phone is LG model ku250. Can I ask for the settings na gawing modem yung phone ko para maka internet ako..


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