Luntian Bags

I was watching a local TV program last weekend and they talked about being “earth friendly”.

I wanted to do my part in promoting environment awareness so I’m blogging about a website which I was able to note down, that of Luntian Bags.

Luntian Bags are reusable bags made of canvas that come in different designs and sizes. The purpose of the bags is to help reduce plastic bag pollution by using reusable bags instead of wasting plastic ones. These bags are stylish, earth-friendly and carry a message. So for your next trip to the grocery or mall, BYOB.

The owner of the site (as mentioned in her blog) said that she was inspired by the Just Say No to Plastic Bags post from the 51 Things We Can Do to Save the Environment article (Time magazine’s website).

I first heard about the concept of bringing your own reusable bags from a local supermarket (Rustan’s). I’m just not sure if the bags they have there are from the same source.

Anyway, I’m glad this thing is gaining momentum.

Great work you guys!


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  1. Ichay said

    Thanks for writing about my blog! Every bit to promote reusable bags is a step towards preserving our environment. Cheers!

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