Trusting God

A few weeks ago I was able to attend again our church’s midweek service. In spite of being very late for it, I learned a valuable lesson from our pastor about “Trusting God”.

He said that “as Christians we only have two choices: either we trust God with our all or not trust him at all.”

He also gave an interesting analogy about a tightrope walker who did his stunts blindfolded while carrying a wheelbarrow. The tightrope walker had a critic who said that the trick was only made possible because of familiarization with the environment and cannot be pulled off elsewhere.

So the tightrope walker accepted the challenge and decided to perform the trick across the Niagara falls which he was able to complete successfully. The critic was humbled by this turnout of events and said to the tightrope walker that he now believes that the tightrope walker can pull it off wherever he wishes.

The tightrope walker said, “Do you really believe that I can do it?”. The critic responded, “Yes, I really believe!” The tight walker replied, “No you don’t understand what you’re saying, “Do you really believe?” to which the critic answered, “Yes 100%!”.

Then with a big smile, the tightrope walker said to the critic, “Then climb up the wheelbarrow, and let’s do the trick again.”

Have a nice day everyone!



  1. zcfx said

    I like this story.

    I believe the tightrope walker can do the trick again with you on the wheelbarrow and me watching on the sideline.

  2. dayg said

    Thanks for the feedback zcfx.

    I think I heard the tightrope walker has a pretty BIG wheelbarrow that can fit just about anything and everything.

    So come on, jump in! There’s plenty of room for everyone.

  3. pkab said

    to jump in the wheel barrow and be crossed over the niagara waterfall IS the really act of trusting the tightrope walker. that is the true and solid faith, not just in our mouth or with our mind. that is a vivid picture of how to experience in trusting God totally. cheers.

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