PHP 101: A Simple Seat Reservation System

I would like to share a little application I developed last year for a simple concert that our church sponsored.

The requirement was to develop a seat/ticket reservation system which will be accessed from two different locations.

The application will be used by administrators only to check the available seats and will not be accessible to end users.

Database Design:

   rowId varchar(1) not null,
   columnId int not null,
   status int,
   updatedby varchar(10),
   PRIMARY KEY (rowId,columnId)

CREATE TABLE userauth (
   commonname VARCHAR(35) NOT NULL,
   username VARCHAR(8) NOT NULL,
   pswd VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL,

I tried to make the tables as simple as possible.

For the seats table, I used the rowId and columnId columns as the PK. The status column represent the state of a particular seat (0-available, 1-reserved, 2-confirmed). The updatedby column is for storing the name of the user who last updated the record (importance of this column will be discussed later).

I also needed some form of authentication which is contained in the userauth table. I think the columns for this table are self-explanatory, so there’s really no need to go into more detail about that.

I created a login.php page for authentication. I had to embed this page to all the other pages which I wanted to protect from unauthorized access.

function authenticate_user() {
   header('WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Tickets"');
   header("HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized");

If you try to access a page which invokes the fragment above then you will be presented with a screen similar to what is shown below:

A word of caution from the Beginning PHP and MySQL 5 book:

Note that unless output buffering is enabled, these commands must be executed before
any output is returned. Neglecting this rule will result in a server error, because of the violation
of the HTTP specification.

You can retrieve the values entered into this form through the following scripts:

$_SERVER[PHP_AUTH_USER] // for retrieving username
$_SERVER[PHP_AUTH_PW] // for retrieving password

The values retrieved from the form are then compared to the entries in the userauth table. And if no match is found, the login form is re-displayed to the user.

// Connect to the MySQL database
mysql_pconnect("localhost", "tickets", "tickets")
   or die("Can't connect to database server!");
mysql_select_db("tickets") or die("Can't select database!");

// Check for matching users
$query = "SELECT username, pswd FROM userauth"
   . " WHERE username='$_SERVER[PHP_AUTH_USER]'"
   . " AND pswd='$_SERVER[PHP_AUTH_PW]'";
$result = mysql_query($query);

// Re-display login form
if (mysql_num_rows($result) == 0) {

I do hope all these snippets still make sense to you because we are just about to proceed to the more complicated stuff.

Given the seat layout of the concert hall, I decided to represent the rows using letters and the columns as numbers. The tricky part was how to dynamically generate the seat layout based on the rows retrieved from the seats DB table.

The next fragments were taken from seats.php

// Select all the seats in the venue
// The seat numbers in the concert hall were read from right to left
// (which is why columnId is sorted as desc)
$query = "SELECT * from seats order by rowId, columnId desc";
$result = mysql_query($query);

// Iterate through results, assign values to rowId, columnId,
// status and updatedBy variables
while (list($rowId, $columnId, $status, $updatedby)
   = mysql_fetch_row($result))

We now begin with the fun part, for every seat, which is still available, create a checkbox. For every seat which is reserved, also create a checkbox only if the user currently logged in is also the same user who reserved the seat. You may be wondering, why do I need to create a checkbox for a seat that’s already reserved? This is because, in this application, the reserved state is not the final state for a seat. A reserved seat can still be canceled or confirmed. But once a reserved seat is confirmed, no further modifications can be made to that seat.

echo "\n
<td bgcolor='$seatColor' align='center'>";
echo "$rowId$columnId";

if ($status == 0
   || ($status == 1
      && $updatedby == $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'])) {
   echo "<input type='checkbox' name='seats[]'"
      . " value='$rowId$columnId'></checkbox>";

From PHP, we step back a bit and discuss the JavaScript part of the code which is as important as the PHP scripts.

	function reserveSeats() {

		var selectedList = getSelectedList('Reserve Seats');

		if (selectedList) {
			if (confirm('Do you want to reserve selected seat/s ' + selectedList + '?')) {
			} else {

	function cancelSeats() {

		var selectedList = getSelectedList('Cancel Reservation');

		if (selectedList) {
			if (confirm('Do you want to cancel reserved seat/s ' + selectedList + '?')) {
			} else {

	function confirmSeats() {

		var selectedList = getSelectedList('Confirm Reservation');

		if (selectedList) {
			if (confirm('Do you want to confirm reserved seat/s ' + selectedList + '?')) {
			} else {

You will notice that there are three main functions (reserveSeats(), cancelSeats() and confirmSeats()) for modifying a seat’s status.

These scripts submit the values of the HTML FORM in seats.php to another PHP page named bookseats.php. This bookseats page is particularly interested in three FORM parameters from the seats page namely, oldStatusCode, newStatusCode and the seats array generated by the checkboxes.

An example of the request would be:


Which means Reserve the currently Available A1, A2 and B3 seats.

It is important to note the behavior of checkboxes in HTML. Only the values of “selected” checkboxes get submitted when you make a POST request. You can retrieve request parameters in PHP using $_GET for GET requests and$_POST for POST requests.

The bookseats page is divided into two parts. The first part checks whether the seats are still in the same state (no changes were done to the seats by another user while we were busy doing something else) prior to making any updates.

// dynamically build select statement

$selectQuery = "SELECT rowId, columnId from seats where (";
$count = 0;
foreach($_POST['seats'] AS $seat) {
if ($count > 0) {
$selectQuery .= " || ";
$selectQuery .= " ( rowId = '" . substr($seat, 0, 1) . "'";
$selectQuery .= " and columnId = " . substr($seat, 1) . " ) ";

$selectQuery .= " ) and status = $oldStatusCode";
if ($oldStatusCode == 1) {
$selectQuery .= " and updatedby = '$user'";

// execute select statement
$result = mysql_query($selectQuery);

$selectedSeats = mysql_num_rows($result);
if ($selectedSeats != $count) {
$problem = "
<h3>There was a problem executing your request. No seat/s were updated.</h3>
die ($problem);

If the system detects any concurrent updates then it stops with step 1, displays an error message to the user and does not proceed with step 2.

The second part performs the actual database update after necessary checks from step 1 have been processed.

// prepare update statement
$newStatusCode = $_POST['newStatusCode'];
$oldStatusCode = $_POST['oldStatusCode'];

$updateQuery = "UPDATE seats set status=$newStatusCode, updatedby='$user' where ( ";
$count = 0;
foreach($_POST['seats'] AS $seat) {
 if ($count > 0) {
 	$updateQuery .= " || ";
 $updateQuery .= " ( rowId = '" . substr($seat, 0, 1) . "'";
 $updateQuery .= " and columnId = " . substr($seat, 1) . " ) ";
$updateQuery .= " ) and status = $oldStatusCode";
if ($oldStatusCode == 1) {
 $updateQuery .= " and updatedby = '$user'";

// perform update
$result = mysql_query($updateQuery);
$updatedSeats = mysql_affected_rows();

if ($result && $updatedSeats == $count) {
 echo "
 echo "You have successfully updated $updatedSeats seat/s: ";
 echo "[";
 foreach($_POST['seats'] AS $seat) {
 	$rowId = substr($seat, 0, 1);
 	$columnId = substr($seat, 1);
 	echo $rowId . $columnId . ", ";
 echo "]";
 echo "...</h3>

This application represents my first attempt into the PHP world and I must say that there are still a lot of improvements that can be added to this quick and dirty solution.

For one, the user can create his own login form instead of relying in the browser’s basic login form (shown earlier).

A logout option would be a very worthy addition and can be achieved by simply adding a link which calls the session_destroy() directive.

Styles and scripts can also be moved to external CSS and external JavaScript files.

Anyway, I still hope I was able to provide you enough details about PHP to serve as starting point.

The sources are available for download from GitHub at:



  1. dayg said

    If you need to enable PHP error messages during development, just look for the php.ini file in your PHP installation directory and change the “display_errors” property value from “Off” to “On”.

  2. charlie said

    Could you set up a live demo of the script, please?

  3. dayg said

    Hi Charlie, I hope you’re not much in a hurry.

    I should be able to upload a live demo by August.

    I’m currently busy working on and another intranet application for our church ministry.

    Hope you won’t mind.

  4. John said

    thank you so much for this!

  5. Benny said

    Is there a demo of it anywhere? My service provider doesn’t have mysql

  6. Benny said

    I keep getting this ‘Phpinfo’ thing and no ticketreservationsystem! What do I do?

  7. Benny said

    Ok got it but what is the login and password??

  8. dayg said

    Hi Benny,

    Try running this statement in MySQL:

    insert into userauth values (1, ‘User 1’, ‘user1’, ‘password’);

    Then you should be able to login using the user1/password combo.

    If you wish to add password encryption, you can also checkout some of the encryption functions available in MySQL.

    Hope this helps.

  9. dayg said

    In response to visitor requests, a live demo of the script is now available at

    Test users: user1 (pass123) and user2 (pass321).

  10. Pradeep said


    I am actually looking to implement selection of seating arrangements for our existing portal which is meant for theatre lovers.

    Please get in touch with me with your email contact details so that I can discuss the possibility of outsourcing this project.


  11. Ram Kishore said


    I was searching for a solution for a similar requirement and I found your code. It is really nice and simple. Please let me know if there is any latest modification in this code.

    Please get in touch with me with your email contact details so that I can discuss more and improvise the code.

    Ram Kishore

  12. dayg said

    @Ram: Thanks for the nice comments. Yes of course, feel free to make enhancements to the scripts. Unfortunately, I haven’t made updates to them since a long time ago. I was still starting with PHP back then (and still learning now).

    @Pradeep: Thanks for the invite, but I’m quite loaded at the moment. Hope you can get a programmer for this one soon. It shouldn’t be that difficult to implement.

  13. aaron said

    Excuse me sir Dayg,

    I’m a 4th yr. college student and my course is Information technology. We are on the process of Systems Analysis and Design and the system that we are going to implement is Bus Seat reservation. The system that you made was great and we could use it in our system and you are willing to give the codes and edit it as we like. But, the problem is i don’t know how to rename the file to .zip, hehe sorry but I’m still a rookie but i understand the codes that you wrote.

    Could you please send me the file of this system so that me and my classmates can review the system and implement it in the system that we are going to make. My email account is [removed to prevent spam].

    Please sir, I am hoping for your kind consideration. And understand us that not all things were thought in school and it is really hard to make a system for a bunch of rookies.


  14. aaron said




  15. carrol said

    i am 34 now wish is to make a successful portal…i am trying to learn PHP on my own ….i was loosing hope………your page made a difference…
    thanks a lot

  16. dayg said

    Glad to be of assistance. :)

  17. piyong said

    hello sir, im a fourth year student and your code is very helpful to us… Can you teach me sir to update the cancel button where in i added a 1 field to database which is reservedby and when i click the cancel button the reserved by field will be set to null, thank you sir hope you will help us and the Lord will give you back all the blessings, thank you very much God bless you…

  18. wawa said

    hello sir Dyang..

    i’m really interested with this system. For now, i want to implement your system to my online ticketing system for cinema. i’m still new with php so i really hope u can send the file of this system so that i will more understand to do mine.

    can u send it to my email. plez..i’m stuck now n really need ur help.

    thanks alot and hav a nice day :)

  19. wawa said

    hi sir,

    i’m tried to rename the application to .zip but it’s cannot extract..can u send the file of this system to my email?..i really need it for my online movie ticketing system..i know ur system can help me much..plez..


  20. dayg said

    @wawa: I renamed the attached sample application to zip extension (benefits of not being hosted in Please try downloading it again.

    @piyong: Do you have an IM? I think it might be a better idea to discuss things there. I don’t want to give you the exact answer, but I’d love to assist you come up with the solution.

  21. wawa said

    hi sir,

    i’m tried re-downloading it and it’s works..thanks a lot sir. At this moments i hav a prob on printing the reservation and i’m glad u can assist me.

    owh, i hav ym so glad to see u there. add me on wawarais_thegreat.

    thanks a lot sir, may god bless u.

  22. obtrs said

    i want to try this by my self when ever i reserve or confirm seat nothing happens i have same data base as yours also 2 users in database as urs when i book nothing happens no color change and its not posting it to the database what should i do?????

  23. obtrs said

    i want to try this by my self when ever i reserve or confirm seat nothing happens i have same data base as yours also 2 users in database as urs when i book nothing happens no color change and its not posting it to the database what should i do?????

    sorry wrong email address on the first comment

  24. dayg said


    Currently the application uses hardcoded “usernames” to determine the seat colors.

    Did you use user1 and user2 as the usernames? If not, you will need to modify a few lines at the bottom of the scripts to conform with the names you created.


    If you still have a hard time setting up the application feel free to contact me again.


  25. Ben said

    WOW thanks sooo much,
    I have been looking for a script like this on the web for ages.
    I am planning to edit this script to be multi user, as in 1200+ users, and have the database save their name next to their seats, and then add an admin panel function to allow a staff member to readily obtain a list of ticket buyers

    once again thanks

  26. dayg said

    You’re most welcome Ben. :)

  27. ezeepzee said

    Hey dayg,
    May i say, an excellent system you have here. As with most of the other comments, i too am trying to implement a seat reservation system for an assignment at university.

    Being totally new to php, it is a bit mind blowing – i have a similar layout to yours, however i cant seem to get the page to update the fields in the mysql database.

    I was wondering if i could be a bit cheeky, and see if you would be prepared to supply the bookseats.php source code? If i could compare mine to yours, it would be a great help :) – im sure i have a few lines of code wrong somewhere, but cant seem to put my fingers on it..

    Thanks in advanced, and may i say how refreshing it is to find someone on the internet who is prepared to assist others with coding problems.

    Kind Regards..

  28. dayg said


    You can find the link to the full source at the bottom of the post.

    However, since wordpress does not allow zip extensions, I used the .odt extension. Just remove the .odt and rename it to .zip.

    I’m glad you found it useful.

    See you around!

  29. vinny said

    I would like to develope a simple BUS RESERVATION SYSTEM in Php and MySQL.

  30. dayg said

    Email sent. :)

  31. Lysender said

    Nice blog bro!

  32. macoy said

    sir can you email me a sample of this php programming? it inspired me and i admired your genorosity. thank you very much.

  33. francis said

    Hi am creating a bus booking system. Would you mind sending me a copy of this code

  34. dayg said

    Hi Francis,

    Thank you for your interest. The link to the code can be found at the start and at the end of the post:

    Look for the keyword “download” or “application”.


  35. i want a seat

  36. Any other release available? ;)

  37. Tadm said

    sir , i’am rookie/junior php programmer now face with some problem , can u guide me?? can add me on, appreciate to hear u soon ,may god bless you…

  38. Lepi said


    This system is awesome. I’d really like to exam the whole code. I do not understand how to download the .odt and rename it to .zip. Anyway I really appreciate if you can send me the whole code. Thank you!

  39. dinesh babu said

    very nice ! helpful for my mini-project :-)

  40. George said

    I tried to run the programm with dreamweaver but my screen is blank. What’s the problem?

  41. Oluchi said

    what is the meaning of PHP and what is it use for in mysql and javascreipt

    how can i impliment reserving seat using secrete pin

  42. makiko said

    Hi, i try to run this application, but why i seats.php do not display seat layout?

  43. dhanashree said

    Hello Sir,

    I am currently working on bus reservation system. But i am unaware to where to start, i tried your application to download but it does not work, please will you assist me

  44. Game said

    great work.
    i too am trying to implement a seat reservation system for an assignment at university for seat reservation.

    if i had many trains, and i would like to link all of them to a seat plan, my tables are like yours. what would i do? please reply to

  45. haider ali said

    i try so much but this code is not working can you help me

  46. Syam said

    Hello dayg,

    Do you have resources about calendar booking system or maybe system booking code that conncet with mySql because i have a problem with the coding bout making the each day in number calendar can be click and can be booked with time on each date. By the way, i’m using php.

    Really need your help ASAP.

    Thanks your,

  47. adnan said

    Hello Mr.Dayg i am new in php and mysql and i dont know how can i utilize these codes in my worldpress website. I have a wordpress website and i want a seat booking page in it. i created a booking page know please let me know how can i put this codes in my database and the seats shows on my booking page.

  48. adnan said

    The concept is i have 3 busses and i want to know which seat is available in which bus. i think with this code its become easy. and i can see as an admin.

  49. Dear Respected,
    I am planning to start a portal for online BUS ticket booking system.
    Please send me the code. I am a beginner in PHP.

  50. isok said

    Please send me a copy of the zip file…

    top programe

  51. samsekar said

    Hi Sir,
    I would like to develop a simple Bus Ticket Reservation system in Php and MySQL.. I’m Really interested with your application.Actually i found link for demo page here but the page ill not working properly. where i found the demo page or demo code sir please any one help me..
    Thanks in advance.

  52. Hi Sir,
    I would like to develop a simple Bus Ticket Reservation system in php and MySQL.. I’m Really interested with your application.Actually i found link for demo page here but the page ill not working properly. where i found the demo page or demo code sir please any one help me..
    Thanks in advance.

  53. abrish said

    I am trying to make reservation for clc group ,would you send me a code for reservation,thanks in advance

  54. ismael said

    hello sir,
    can u send me to my email comltly coding include thet data base sir…i realy nid ur help to complete my final project…

    my email is –

  55. Andy said

    Just been looking through this and its excellent! i am currently looking to do something really similar. Link above does not seem to work though :( Would really help if you could email me the file/source code? These posts seem rather old but im hoping you still check this :D aha
    thanks in advance

  56. andy said

    I’ve been playing around with this now and its been really helping me with my project, so thanks you very much.
    One problem though, im struggling to get the seat table to populate and actually create the seating plan. Can you give me any guidance kind sir?

  57. Puri said

    my seat layout is not showing up please help

  58. Harry said

    Hi. I know I may be a bit late post here, but I must say I really like it. I was wondering how such a system as this one could be expanded to include booking for multiple venues and at different dates.

  59. kevz said

    hey this is a really good tutorial, is there one for a bus reservation system?

  60. kevz said

    When i try to open the index.php file on web browser (IE), the web browser shows some php config information. How do I get to make this system work ? At the moment i am using phpmyadmin.

  61. Adebisi Adetunji said

    hey i got one question
    you see when i get the rowID and ColumnId from my data base it all in a straight line how do i get it to look like yours

  62. joe said


    after done logged in and change the mysql thingy, but my seat plan never showed up. it showed something like this

  63. lancelot said

    The site no longer exist. can i see it again?

  64. jake francis said

    can i have a copy of this seat reservation? @dayg

  65. Tim Phang said

    Thank you very much for the coding and guidance!!!

  66. really nice to understand it will be helpful for the beginners like me .

  67. […] this is where i get that code: […]

  68. Fel said

    That’s great first time tutorial

  69. Alejandro said

    sir do you have sample of RESERVATION system in php ??can you email me?? thanks

  70. hi.i want to create a seat chart using a table and checkboxes in each cell of the do i go about creating a php code that will send the ctate of the check box store the value in the database and display the status to the user?i would be glad if you sent me a sample code

  71. dadudz01 said

    Hi, im computer science student . im creating bus ticket reservation system i want to know how to reserve seats by clicking the seats they want. can you send full source code that you made for my project. PLEASE :(

  72. amit gupta said

    your article is really our saviour….

  73. Karthi said

    Dear Dayg,

    I would to to an application for booking events. I tried to implement the code.I need your invaluable input to finish the application.
    Could you please share the code.?


  74. AV said

    The live demo script link which you’ve posted, it doesn’t seem to run. or the link seems to have broken. Could I get a link which works?

  75. klarisse riverea said

    Hi!! I am now making a cinema ticketing system.. can you please send me a copy of the whole codes? the application/ download link won’t work..


  76. Abdul said

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  77. firdaus said

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  78. sandeep said

    Hello Expert,
    Kindly please help me to download the source code you have explained very well. I need to implement it in my MCA project Thanks in advance.

  79. awesam said

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  80. awesam said

    hi! can you please send me the whole code of this? please, I badly need it. Thank you in advance

  81. israkimaro said

    hi! thanks for the code their so amazing and simple
    i am from Tanzania and i need to make a online bus ticket but i don’t know where to start can you please guide me on how to do that.

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