Swim For A Cause

Good day friends!

I’m trying to look for sponsors for an upcoming event this Saturday to help raise funds for our Church auditorium.

You can “pledge” at least 200 pesos for every lap (50 meters) that I will complete.

So for example, Person A pledges 2 laps @ 200 pesos each and Person B pledges 1 lap @ 500.

In order to receive all the pledges above, I need to complete all 3 laps. If I get to complete only 2 laps then I will only get 400 pesos (2 x 200) and the pledge from Person B gets forfeited.

But if I complete all 3 laps, then I should be able to get 900 pesos ((2 x 200 from Person A) + (1 x 500 from Person B)).

You can add a comment below the post to signify your interest. You can also indicate there the amount (per lap) and number of laps you want to pledge. The sequence of the pledges in the comments section will determine the order in which the pledges will be applied/claimed.

Don’t worry, I’m not a professional swimmer. I can’t even remember the last time I was able to swim in an Olympic-size pool!

Jake's First free

No that’s not me in the picture. I just got it by doing a web search. But that should at least give you an idea of what the event would be like.

A million thanks to you guys!



  1. […] Update 4/22: Proceeds will go to the same fund raising event as described here. […]

  2. Ianne Celino said

    3 laps @ 500 pesos each! Good luck, beeps!

  3. Pau said

    Yong pledge ni Wanda na rin yong sa amin.

  4. dayg said


    Thanks Wands and Jukes!

    Thanks Pau and Rach!

    Thanks also to Anlen and Bene for their offline pledges (1 lap each).

    That currently makes it 8 laps in total.

    Keep them coming!

  5. dayg said

    Hi friends!

    The event was well attended and was really FUN!

    The swimming part was just a tiny portion of the whole day event.

    I was very surprised to have completed 30 laps after experiencing cramps on several occasions during the early laps. Call it divine intervention.

    Unfortunately, the pool length was just 25 meters so it wasn’t an Olympic size pool after all. So in effect I only completed 15 laps in total.

    Still, I’m very happy with the outcome and I’m very very thankful to all of you who participated.

    I really appreciate it. Super thanks!

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