PDF Reader/Bookmarker based on AIR (A Failed Attempt)

After seeing this sample application, I had high hopes in creating an AIR application which can load a PDF file, render it and have the usual Adobe Reader controls.

But the moment you try to close the application, it will save the current page you are reading and when you open the application again some time in the future, it will bring you back to exactly where you left off.

Something like the bookmarker.js from the PDF Hacks book or this plugin variant but better (at least that’s what I think).

That was until I discovered that AIR didn’t have (yet) that tight integration with PDF that I was looking for.

If you’ve seen the example application, you may be wondering how the developer was able to control navigation of the PDF file. As it turned out, the PDF he created had additional document level JavaScript that he invoked from AIR.

As far as I know, document level JavaScript can only be added through software such as Adobe Acrobat (which is NOT free, unlike the basic Adobe Reader).

Ah too bad, I’ll probably give it another shot in the next releases of Adobe AIR.

Until then.


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