Sling and Stone Music is Now Online

After several weeks of not being able to post here regularly, I’m very happy to announce that the initial release of Sling and Stone Music is now online.

Sling and Stone Music is about “Discovering God’s Love through Music”. Watch Music Videos (some with lyrics) from various Christian artists. Artist information, albums and lyrics are retrieved from, and respectively.

Feel free to send comments and suggestions to our Assembla space.



  1. bill davis said

    In your Genres section (Sling and Stone Music) why not include a section for church musicians? My sons video was posted on your site as Tomlin, I emailed a few friends, and you got more clicks than normal. Actually, if you made a chart, or hit count total for this section, and notified the artist their video was on the site, they would refer their friends, and so forth. Just a thought. Bill

  2. dayg said

    Thanks Bill! I think that’s a wonderful idea, that feature will be on my wish list.

    We’re currently using a search engine (Truveo) for the videos, so anything with the keyword “Christ Tomlin” will be included in the results. Right now almost everything is automated, so it’s really very hard to filter which songs are from the original artists. In the future, we will probably try to filter out those with the “cover” keyword.

    I accidentally deleted the hit count for your son’s video thinking it was a bot crawling our site. I’ll try to make sure I don’t remove any video views count from now on.

    But for the record, your son’s video last week got more than 150 views! That’s a lot! :)

    Thanks for your suggestions Bill!

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