I had that idea years ago!

There’s an interesting post at Signal vs Noise entitled “I had that idea years ago!“.

Most of us netspirants could probably relate to what the article discusses.

Just because you thought of a site to share photos with friends wouldn’t have made you Flickr.

I thought it would be interesting to share here some ideas I had before but have now been developed/executed by other people (one way or another).

  1. 2004 – Portal for all Good News about the Philippines [GoodNewsPilipinas.com]
  2. 2004/05? – Web-based PIM (more like PalmPilot for the Web) [BackPackIt, Tadalist, Remember the Milk]
  3. Early 2007 – Web-based book sharing application [Shelfari, Facebook Bookshare]

So the next time you’re hit by a light bulb moment, pause for a while and think about it real hard.

Am I ready to quit my Job for this?



  1. Andy said


    And even if one quits the job to start that company, do they have the skills, funding, execution ability and just plain old luck to make it into a huge success.

    I’ve been finding that with any new idea I think of these days — after a little searching I find that there’s at least 2-3 companies trying to do it already. Seems to be a company or two for just about anything going on.

  2. Masoud said

    Dear Paul,

    I find your blog interesting, especially this particular post. I was dragged to your notes on a script of yours which I had surfed most of the web for ;)
    I actually feel quite lucky recently. The reason is because I think I have the ideas which will work out to become pretty big in a few years and on the other hand almost no one has already taken it. The reason can be categorized as me being in kind of a unique situation that most people won’t think of.

    Besides the first reason I was attracted to your blog, I’m also seeking some talented partners to push my ideas forward. Therefore, I’d like to invite you to the club as well. So feel free to contact me if you feel interested, and we can get to know each other better. As you may have guessed, there won’t be much in it until the projects are on the rise :D

    I hope to hear from you soon.
    With respect,

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