Beginning Groovy and Grails eBook for $10

As always, I’m very pleased to announce an excellent offering from the Apress daily deal site.

1430210451 Beginning Groovy and Grails

I’ve been entertaining the thought of trying out either Wicket or Grails for my next web project.

The release of this discounted book answers my question of which framework to try out first.

Will this finally be the end of JSF for me?



  1. dayg said

    I found these resources very useful when it comes to integrating JPA with Grails:

    Sample Store Catalog using using Groovy and Grails and the Java Persistence API on Glassfish with MySQL

    Grails + EJB Domain Models Step-by-Step

  2. Dear friend,
    I am an Iranian blogger and I want to put some e-books in my blog. Which type of e-book is more interesting in your opinion? For example, Iranians prefer PDF type, not exe file or html book.
    I will appreciate you if you answer me…

    Good luck!

  3. dayg said

    I personally prefer PDF format (easier on the eyes).

    Also, please don’t forget to check with the e-book’s publisher/author regarding licensing issues.


  4. dayg said

    Here’s a nice HOWTO for Eclipse-Grails integration.

  5. dayg said

    Mastering Grails and Practically Groovy series from developerWorks.

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