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SCEA 5 Part I Study Guide Mind Map

As promised, here’s the long overdue Mind Map for SCEA 5 Part I. This file builds on top of the OLD SCEA Part I Study Guide Mind Map. This file contain the references I used for SCEA 5 BETA Part I preparation last year which is just an addition to the resources already mentioned in the OLD SCEA mind map.

SCEA 5 Part I Mind Map Screenshot

You will notice that this mind map is not as elaborate as the first one as we only had a few weeks of preparation for the BETA exam. I still hope you find it useful for your own preparations.

Reminder: Please rename the file to a .mm (Freemind) extension after downloading. Do not use Open Office to view this file.


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Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA) Part I Study Guide

I’ve finally uploaded the SCEA Part I Mind Map I used as study notes for SCEA Part I exam. It includes all the links to books and sites I used as resources to prepare for the exam.

Below is a screenshot of what the mind map should look like after you have installed the necessary software.

SCEA Part I Mind Map Screenshot

The main resources I used for the exam were Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture for J2EE Technology Study Guide (Sun Microsystems Press) and Head First Design Patterns.

Feel free to comment on the contents.

Hope this helps!

Note: WordPress currently does not support .mm filetypes. You will need to rename the file scea-p1-mm.odt to to open the file using Freemind.

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