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Effective Java, Second Edition

Joshua Bloch of Google is coming up with his second installment of the famous Effective Java book.

0321356683 Effective Java (2nd Ed)

InfoQ has an interesting article about the upcoming book and provides a sample chapter on Generics free for download.

Other books from Bloch include:

I’ve benefited a lot from the original book and I’m excited to see how this updated version will turn out.


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Books for Sale

I’m having a hard time keeping up with reading my NEW books. So instead of just letting them gather dust in my shelf, I’m thinking of selling some of them (those which I do not need for my current projects).

0321193687 UML Distilled (for 1k Php)

1590595165 SCJD Exam with J2SE 5, Second Edition (for 1.2k Php)

0321349601 Java Concurrency in Practice (for 1.2k Php)

1590594681 Beginning ASP .NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005 (for 1.2k Php)

1590598733 Accelerated C# 2008 (for 1k Php)

The tag prices attached are based on Amazon’s base price (converted to pesos). I already paid for shipping (to Philippines) and customs taxes so in effect you are really getting a HUGE discount.

You can drop me a line here or email me at dayg77 AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested.


Update 4/22: Proceeds will go to the same fund raising event as described here.

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Quote of the Day

“If you think of the Bible as God’s personal message to you, then you might read it as often as you read your personal mail.”

Taken from:

1577484487 God Is in the Small Stuff… And It All Matters

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Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA) Part I Study Guide

I’ve finally uploaded the SCEA Part I Mind Map I used as study notes for SCEA Part I exam. It includes all the links to books and sites I used as resources to prepare for the exam.

Below is a screenshot of what the mind map should look like after you have installed the necessary software.

SCEA Part I Mind Map Screenshot

The main resources I used for the exam were Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture for J2EE Technology Study Guide (Sun Microsystems Press) and Head First Design Patterns.

Feel free to comment on the contents.

Hope this helps!

Note: WordPress currently does not support .mm filetypes. You will need to rename the file scea-p1-mm.odt to to open the file using Freemind.

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Books from Microsoft Press

Taken from:

Requires registration.

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Java Certification aStore

I’ve created an Amazon aStore dedicated to those who are interested in taking Java certifications. Books are arranged per certification exam, from the Associate Exam (entry level) to the Enterprise Architect Exam (advanced).

If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve the site, feel free to drop me a line.

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