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FREE Certification Beta: Sun Certified Specialist Netbeans IDE

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FREE: Sun Certified Specialist Netbeans IDE Beta Certification Exam

Are you a Programmer who is responsible for developing Java desktop and Java web applications using the NetBeans IDE? If so, this is your opportunity to get involved in the creation of the Netbeans IDE exam!!!!!

As a beta tester, you officially test the test and will be able to provide Sun with valuable comments and technical feedback about the Netbeans IDE questions. The Sun beta exam counts towards official SCSNI Certification!

Beta Starts: October 15, 2008

Registration Exam Start Date: October 13 – 15, 2008

Passing the exam entitles you to the full status of Sun Certified Specialist Netbeans IDE, and you will receive a Sun “certification kit”. A certification kit will have your certificate, Logo Agreement and Letter.

Candidates will have 195 minutes to complete 160 questions, which should allow you time to respond to all questions and provide your valuable comments while taking the exam.

This beta exam is offered Worldwide at any Authorized Prometric Testing Center!

Recommended Prerequisites:

Candidates should have six to twelve months experience programming with the Netbeans IDE.

Taken from JavaRanch.

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Does Certification Help?

I was recently asked by a fellow Ranch Hand (through Private Message) regarding my take on Certifications.


Does Certification Help?


Hi, I have done SCJP, SCWCD and will now give SCBCD and then SCEA. You have done these certifications. Does these help in career? Which country do u reside and what technology u work on. Which technologies do u see as emerging ones in the next 2 to 3 years which will stay long.


I’m from the Philippines and in a way it helped me in my career because whenever we get assigned to a different client, our ‘paper’ credentials are what they are interested in first.

But when you start working in a project, those certifications don’t really matter anymore and what matters more is that you deliver on time and with quality.

I must say that my drive for taking certifications is really to push myself towards a learning objective. Without these certification exams, I think I’ll be learning on a per need basis (I’ll just search the web whenever I encounter a problem). But these exams help me focus on topics which should come in handy in the future (even though some of them I don’t need yet).

For technologies, I think Web Services will be there for quite some time (but it’s unfortunate Sun hasn’t released the new exam for JAX-WS yet). After I finish SCEA Part II and III, I’m thinking of taking exams from other providers such as the Adobe Flex exam and probably some .Net exams.

Anyway, I hope this reply isn’t too long and I hope these are the kind of answers you’re expecting.

In summary, I think certifications help in two areas.

  1. It helps in the candidate screening process
  2. It helps developers have a learning objective

So would I recommend taking certifications?

By all means do take certifications, especially if your company sponsors them.

But remember that at the end of the day, it is your work attitude and contribution that will really matter.

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Sun Certification Retake Promotion

This post has moved to a new location and is only kept here for archiving purposes.

To commemorate Sun’s awarding 500,000 certifications, purchase a voucher by June 20 for most Sun certifications – and should you need it, you can take the exam one additional time for free.

Taken from:

For SUN Philippines, however, here are the more detailed guidelines.

Please be informed that Sun is _relaunching the popular Sun Certification Retake Promotion starting April 2008_. Note the voucher code for this program is “DS”. The retake exam is not applicable for any assignment or essay exam. Validity date : 01 April to 30 June 2008

Below are some of the exams which qualify for the Free Retake Promotion. I also added some links to highly recommended books in case you need help with them.

Terms and Conditions

Exam vouchers are only valid in the country in which they are purchased. Each voucher associated with this program is valid for one exam and, if failed, one free retake. You must allow 72 hours after taking your initial exam before scheduling the free retake exam. Please also be aware that per Sun certification guidelines you must wait at least 14 days before you may retake any exam. Certification vouchers may only be used at an Authorized Prometric Testing Center in the country where it was purchased. Please be aware that exam vouchers are non refundable for any reason.

Happy studying!

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Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA) Part I Study Guide

I’ve finally uploaded the SCEA Part I Mind Map I used as study notes for SCEA Part I exam. It includes all the links to books and sites I used as resources to prepare for the exam.

Below is a screenshot of what the mind map should look like after you have installed the necessary software.

SCEA Part I Mind Map Screenshot

The main resources I used for the exam were Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture for J2EE Technology Study Guide (Sun Microsystems Press) and Head First Design Patterns.

Feel free to comment on the contents.

Hope this helps!

Note: WordPress currently does not support .mm filetypes. You will need to rename the file scea-p1-mm.odt to to open the file using Freemind.

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Java Certification aStore

I’ve created an Amazon aStore dedicated to those who are interested in taking Java certifications. Books are arranged per certification exam, from the Associate Exam (entry level) to the Enterprise Architect Exam (advanced).

If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve the site, feel free to drop me a line.

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