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IBM developerWorks Firefox Plugin

If you’re a Firefox user and a constant visitor of IBM developerWorks, then you might be interested in a Firefox search plugin for devWorks discussed here.

Taken directly from the link above:

Want to have easy access to developerWorks? You can now add our new search plugin to your Firefox browser (thanks to our own Peter Yim). Simply go to a developerWorks search results page such as this, and you’ll see the following at the top of the page:

dW search plugin icon Add dW search plug-in to Firefox

Just click on the link while using Firefox, then confirm by clicking OK, and instantly the developerWorks search engine will be added to your browser’s search bar. Then you can easily search all of developerWorks for helpful technical content and resources — without having to first go to the dW Web site.

If you try it and it works well for you, you might also consider visiting the site (which also lets you find and install this search plugin, as well as others), where you can “Judge it!”

Happy searching!


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