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An Eclipse Shirt For Me!

I got an email this morning (well it arrived last Friday but I read it just today) telling me that I won a free shirt.

Thank you for submitting a review of the Eclipse release to the Ganymede Around the World contest. We have an Eclipse shirt for you! Please send me your:

1) Name

2) Shirt size (men’s small, medium, large, X-large, 2X-large or women’s small, medium, large)

3) Mailing Address

4) Phone Number (Fedex requires this for deliveries)

The contest closed yesterday, so all blog entries have been passed on to a panel of judges and we hope to have the winners of the Eclipse jackets and conference pass announced in a few weeks.

Thank you for participating and best of luck in the contest.

Hope my blog entry gets included for the other freebies!

Thanks Eclipse!


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Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) – Managing Extension Locations

Upon installing Ganymede, I immediately tried looking for the “Manage Configuration” option to install the plugins I have configured in an “Extension Location”. (see Europa screen shots below)

Help > Software Updates > Manage Configuration

Add Extension Location

But to my surprise, that option is no longer available in Ganymede! Instead you need to click “Software Updates” menu. Switch to “Available Software” tab, click on the “Add Site” button and choose the “Local” option button to select the directory where you have placed your plugins as an extension location. (see Ganymede screen shots below)

Help > Software Updates

Available Software > Add Site > Local

However, there’s a catch to this approach, instead of running your plugins from the Extension location, Eclipse will copy your plugins to the features and plugins directory of Eclipse (which really defeats the point of having an extension location).

For a cleaner approach (than what was described above), Ganymede now supports “Dropins” (described in this article) which is sort of a hot deploy directory for plugins.

Just make sure your plugins are still compatible with the latest version Eclipse and you should be ready to go.

Now I’m off to explore Eclipse’s latest features...

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