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Mapping IP addresses to locations

From the August issue of the JavaRanch Journal:

Have you ever wondered how some websites are able to determine where you visited from? It all begins with the IP address that you belong to when you connect to the internet. Every time you log onto the internet your ISP assigns an IP address to you. This IP address belongs to a specific range that is allotted to regions around the world.

So how do you find out which IP address belongs to a particular location? There are a couple of ways to do this. Solutions include commercial web services as well as free databases which you can download, import and use.

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Thanks JavaRanch!


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Collective Intelligence in Action

Finally, I won a book from JavaRanch!

Praise God!

The book is entitled:

1933988312 Collective Intelligence in Action

Unlike other books in Collective Intelligence, the methods and examples presented in CIA are based in Java.

I’ve already joined many other book promos in the Ranch (Head First PMP, Rock Star Programmers, JQuery In Action), but this is the first time I actually won something.

And what a perfect timing it is, since I badly need to make the search algorithms I’m currently working on in our church ministry to be “more intelligent”.

I would like to thank JavaRanch, Manning and the author Satnam Alag for such a wonderful book.

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