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Beginning Groovy and Grails eBook for $10

As always, I’m very pleased to announce an excellent offering from the Apress daily deal site.

1430210451 Beginning Groovy and Grails

I’ve been entertaining the thought of trying out either Wicket or Grails for my next web project.

The release of this discounted book answers my question of which framework to try out first.

Will this finally be the end of JSF for me?


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MyFaces 1.2 Error: No Factories configured for this Application

If you’ve received the “No Factories configured for this Application” error with MyFaces 1.2, then you’re not alone.

Detailed message goes like this:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: No Factories configured for this Application. This happens if the faces-initialization does not work at all – make sure that you properly include all configuration settings necessary for a basic faces application and that all the necessary libs are included. Also check the logging output of your web application and your container for any exceptions!

If you did that and find nothing, the mistake might be due to the fact that you use some special web-containers which do not support registering context-listeners via TLD files and a context listener is not setup in your web.xml.

The weirdest thing is that I have the context listener declared in my web.xml!


From what I’ve gathered, changing the web.xml entry


<servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>


<servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>

should do the trick.

But then again, moving to 1.2.2 of MyFaces also makes the problem go away. (at least that was the case when I upgraded to 1.2.2).

So my suggestion is to just upgrade the version of your MyFaces jars instead of going with the rather “hacky” solution.

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JSF vs Flex Components

When developing JSF applications, I rely heavily on these two sites as reference for the Tag syntax.

With Flex, there’s a similar tool where you can see Flex 3 components in action.

Try visiting and comparing the mentioned sites and you’ll probably have an idea why I’m really excited about developing applications in Flex.

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EJB Injection in JSF Managed Beans

While trying to create a simple prototype for an application which uses JSF, EJB 3 and JPA, I decided to implement the suggestions from the article: Using an EJB Session Bean as a Model Facade.

I was particularly interested in injecting my EJBs to my JSF Managed Beans (the article mentioned that it should be possible to do this kind of injection with JSF Managed Beans and Servlets).

public class CatalogServlet extends HttpServlet {

@EJB private CatalogFacade cf;

// some variables and methods

I tried using JBoss 4 since it already had lots of available documentation regarding EJB 3 only to find out that this feature is not yet supported.

I tried switching to JBoss 5 Beta 4 but the error was the same.

16:16:31,765 ERROR [JBossInjectionProvider] Injection failed on managed bean.
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: “Name of your Managed Bean goes here” not bound

Hmm, I should probably try this with GlassFish one of these days.

Recommended books:

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