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May 1 – Labor Day

To those of you who are wondering whether next Monday will be declared a non-working day because of the Holiday Economics Act and the upcoming Labor Day, the answer can be found here.

Labor Day will STILL be celebrated on May 1 (Thursday) and will not be moved to the nearest Monday.

They should probably update the ra9492.pdf file because it does not match the other announcement they have in their website.


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Books for Sale

I’m having a hard time keeping up with reading my NEW books. So instead of just letting them gather dust in my shelf, I’m thinking of selling some of them (those which I do not need for my current projects).

0321193687 UML Distilled (for 1k Php)

1590595165 SCJD Exam with J2SE 5, Second Edition (for 1.2k Php)

0321349601 Java Concurrency in Practice (for 1.2k Php)

1590594681 Beginning ASP .NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005 (for 1.2k Php)

1590598733 Accelerated C# 2008 (for 1k Php)

The tag prices attached are based on Amazon’s base price (converted to pesos). I already paid for shipping (to Philippines) and customs taxes so in effect you are really getting a HUGE discount.

You can drop me a line here or email me at dayg77 AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested.


Update 4/22: Proceeds will go to the same fund raising event as described here.

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Sponsor a Child

A few months ago, I was reading the blog of Cay Horstmann (author of Core Java, Core JSF and many others) and came across his The OLPC and Java post.

I got an OLPC for the holiday season. No, it wasn’t for the Horstmann twins—after all, it is one laptop per child, so the child must be myself. I got it through the “give one, get one program”. For $400, I got mine and a much more deserving kid somewhere out there got one as well. (Hurry if you want to get yours—the program ends today.)

It was nice to see the BIG guys participate in such a worthy cause. And if they can do it, why can’t we?

In line with this, I would like to invite YOU (Yes you! The person reading this post) guys to participate in a similar project from World Vision. But instead of giving away laptops, you help underprivileged children get the education they have been dreaming for.

But what do you get in return? You hopefully get a BIG smile on your face whenever these little kids try to send you back a letter saying even the simplest “THANK YOU”.

PS: If you’re from the Philippines, you can also visit this alternate link.

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Globe 3G – New Mobile Browsing Rates

Great news for Globe subscribers! Globe has announced a new time-based pricing model (5 pesos for every 15 minutes) for mobile browsing.

This looks better than Smart’s (10 pesos for every 30 minutes) current offering if you’re the type of person who just use this facility to download your emails (and read them offline) which would normally just take you less than 5 minutes.

Check out this page to see how to setup your phone for mobile browsing.

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Luntian Bags

I was watching a local TV program last weekend and they talked about being “earth friendly”.

I wanted to do my part in promoting environment awareness so I’m blogging about a website which I was able to note down, that of Luntian Bags.

Luntian Bags are reusable bags made of canvas that come in different designs and sizes. The purpose of the bags is to help reduce plastic bag pollution by using reusable bags instead of wasting plastic ones. These bags are stylish, earth-friendly and carry a message. So for your next trip to the grocery or mall, BYOB.

The owner of the site (as mentioned in her blog) said that she was inspired by the Just Say No to Plastic Bags post from the 51 Things We Can Do to Save the Environment article (Time magazine’s website).

I first heard about the concept of bringing your own reusable bags from a local supermarket (Rustan’s). I’m just not sure if the bags they have there are from the same source.

Anyway, I’m glad this thing is gaining momentum.

Great work you guys!

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Introducing SulitPay

Sounds like a real competitor to PayPal (but limited to the Philippine market).

I’m still not sure though how easy it would be for other sites to integrate this service (or if it’s even allowed at all).

You can just probably checkout the site: for more details.

UPDATE 4/2: It’s confirmed. It was just an April Fool’s joke.

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Sun Certification Retake Promotion

This post has moved to a new location and is only kept here for archiving purposes.

To commemorate Sun’s awarding 500,000 certifications, purchase a voucher by June 20 for most Sun certifications – and should you need it, you can take the exam one additional time for free.

Taken from:

For SUN Philippines, however, here are the more detailed guidelines.

Please be informed that Sun is _relaunching the popular Sun Certification Retake Promotion starting April 2008_. Note the voucher code for this program is “DS”. The retake exam is not applicable for any assignment or essay exam. Validity date : 01 April to 30 June 2008

Below are some of the exams which qualify for the Free Retake Promotion. I also added some links to highly recommended books in case you need help with them.

Terms and Conditions

Exam vouchers are only valid in the country in which they are purchased. Each voucher associated with this program is valid for one exam and, if failed, one free retake. You must allow 72 hours after taking your initial exam before scheduling the free retake exam. Please also be aware that per Sun certification guidelines you must wait at least 14 days before you may retake any exam. Certification vouchers may only be used at an Authorized Prometric Testing Center in the country where it was purchased. Please be aware that exam vouchers are non refundable for any reason.

Happy studying!

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