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Find Music by Singing or Humming

This morning I was browsing through the ads (using the Google Adsense Preview Tool) of Sling & Stone Music and noticed an interesting ad which had the title “Find Music by Singing“.

I’ve seen this ad pop up in our site before but this morning I decided to give it a try.

The results were astounding. Out of 10-15 songs/hums I did, only two of the results were incorrect.

Among the correct results were for Do-re-mi, ABC, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Voice of Truth, Flood, Complicated, Love Song for a Saviour, Tom’s Diner, Voltes V theme and a few others.

The two incorrect results were Bahay Kubo (unsurprisingly because it is a Filipino nursery rhyme) and Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes (which I probably didn’t sing right).

It looks like a very promising site.

This is even better than Karaoke/Videoke!


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Sling and Stone Music is Now Online

After several weeks of not being able to post here regularly, I’m very happy to announce that the initial release of Sling and Stone Music is now online.

Sling and Stone Music is about “Discovering God’s Love through Music”. Watch Music Videos (some with lyrics) from various Christian artists. Artist information, albums and lyrics are retrieved from, and respectively.

Feel free to send comments and suggestions to our Assembla space.

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