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Globe 3G – New Mobile Browsing Rates

Great news for Globe subscribers! Globe has announced a new time-based pricing model (5 pesos for every 15 minutes) for mobile browsing.

This looks better than Smart’s (10 pesos for every 30 minutes) current offering if you’re the type of person who just use this facility to download your emails (and read them offline) which would normally just take you less than 5 minutes.

Check out this page to see how to setup your phone for mobile browsing.

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Surf anywhere with your Laptop and Smart 3G


  1. 3G Capable Phone
  2. Computer (Laptop/Desktop)
  3. SMART Buddy Sim

The following steps are specific to our setup. We used an LG KU250 Phone and a Windows XP OS. Installation procedures will depend on the model of your phone and operating system.


  1. Enable Phone 3G Settings (Text “SET KU250” to 211)
  2. Install and Run LG PC Suite
  3. Connect your Phone (USB/Bluetooth) to your computer
  4. LG Connection

  5. Click LG Internet Kit Icon [Under Communication Group]
  6. Create a Profile
  7. SMART 3G Profile

  8. Click Connect
  9. LG Connect


From San Juan / QC Area (Strong 3G signal):

From a small town in Bulacan (no 3G signal detected):


  • File Upload
  • Email Attachments
  • Yahoo! Messenger Voice

I’ll keep you posted on my findings. Happy surfing!

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